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The Original Nuke and Turtle

Sometime around 2013 a group of IRL friends; Zelden, Danjo & Lemmingsoup decided to create a Modded Minecraft Server. The hosted server was coping quite comfortably with the 3 of them regularly playing and it was decided to open the doors to a small whitelist. As such we needed a name to advertise the server under. With us all being British with a laid back attitude, Lemingsoup had the idea of naming the server as if it was a Pub. With the prominence of Mining Turtles as part of our setup, and an unhealthy obsession with large explosives, "The Nuke and Turtle" was born.

When the server opened 3 quickly became 5, which became 10. Before long a server upgrade was required as the applicants kept coming. The no nonsense approach of a server with a simple rule of "don't be a dick" proved more popular than we could have expected. As popularity soared, so did hosting costs and Admin work. Additional Moderators were added; Kliq, Resisttheurge and TheFlyingTuna, to help with whitelist work and server fixes. Hosting costs however eventually soared to £80 a month to have a server powerful enough to hold the playerbase. As a result we were forced to open our hands to donations and were extremely grateful to receive large contributions that kept the servers running for well over a year.

During this time The Nuke and Turtle community had grown beyond Minecraft and we ventured into other games for periods of time including Planetside 2 and Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Real life deadlines around Uni work became more pressing for many of us and activity began to drop. Around this time Nossirom and Auxillary-Character joined the Modteam and they took a more active rolling in the Minecraft Server direction. Eventually though the project dwindled and came to a close. From 3, to a few hundred and back again, The Nuke and Turtle had been an excellent, fun project throughout.

The Nuke and Turtle Reborn

It was time several years later to begin again as a new project for a new game. With Vanilla WoW on the horizon, Zelden saw an opportunity to use his experience in WoW and communities to relaunch The Nuke and Turtle. After a few weeks of recruiting under a placeholder name, it seemed right to try and bring back the spirit of TNAT with a guiding principle of being a chilled environment with a dedicated team.

It wasn't an easy path to start on though. The first couple of weeks had seen a slow and steady growth, but there were doubts as to where it would go. Before long an offer from a similar Guild came to contemplate a merge. After some consideration the offer was rejected, the project would thrive or die as the intended vision. Growth remained slow for a period before quickly picking up. As recruitment numbers surpassed 40 and then 80, it was clear that the Guild had legs, and would stride confidently into the start of Classic WoW..

Watch this space for the rest of our story as Classic WoW approaches.

The Mission Statement

TNAT aims to be the balanced median between Hardcore and Casual. Placing value in individuals and using the available talent to create success, as opposed to mandating artificial requirements and holding players to the whip. Reputation and community are extremely important values that will come above all else. The style of Vanilla raids allows experienced and new players to be lead into battle and come out successfully through concentration and dedication to the task at hand. The advantage of taking this approach, rather than a more stringent one, is that it expands the pool of players that can join the Guild. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a veteran, dedicated or casual, excellent or average. What matters is the ability to listen to instructions, and play the role assigned in the fight to the best of your ability. Through this we hope to bring more players into the raiding fold, with a greater variety of classes, specs, roles and individuals. Community contribution extends beyond the number of bosses directly killed; there is raid gearing, professions, general support and social flavour to be considered and valued.

Below is a series of guidelines for all members and aspiring applicants that will help the Guild achieve what it sets out to accomplish: