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Stay a while and listen! You've found the homepage for The Nuke and Turtle.

We're a newly formed guild looking to expand our numbers for Classic WoW. A motley crew of veterans, new players and everything in between. The Nuke and Turtle aims to strike a balance between casual and Hardcore by inviting players of all levels of experience and having a relaxed approach to Guild commitment. People can play to suit their own playstyles and needs day to day. Raiding will be a concise fun experience led by adept raid leaders to ensure maximum fun and progress with minimal drama.

Our Guild is suited to mature players that have the ability to work as a team. PVE and PVP players are welcome. We don't have any experience requirements as it's our firm belief that all content can be conquered with a good attitude to raids, and that everyone has the ability to grow into a role.

Currently we're counting down the days for Classic WoW launch which a solid confirmed roster and a large pool of unconfirmed members that may yet join our ranks. Our recruitment has now shifted to being closed for raid members, but remaining open for more casual positions. This will be reviewed a few days after launch and recruitment for certain class may reoopen as our ranks become clear.

If you like what you hear and want to know more, check out the rest of the website. If you're really keen you can head over to the members section and drop an application. Remember, This grand game of life that you think you play in fact plays you. To that I say... Let the games begin!